Voices of Pride | Zachary Pullin

Pride Weekend is almost here! What a better way to celebrate than talking with Zachary Pullin about how important Seattle Pride was to him as he came of age, and the responsibility we all share to connect communities and maintain forward momentum.

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Thank you, Zachary, for being so open with your experience. Thanks also to our beautiful friends at Kontent Partners for helping us share Zachary’s story.

Voices of Pride | Marsha Botzer

Did you know that the US zip code that is home to the largest number of transgender people is right here in Seattle? Marsha Botzer, who co-founded the Ingersoll Gender Center, explains why Seattle is such a beacon for the trans community, and encourages us to unite with other groups in the continued fight for equality.

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Thank you so much to Marsha for sharing her positive energy with us, as well as to Kontent Partners for making this video series possible. If you like the series, please share it with friends, and come back later this week for another edition!

Voices of Pride | Rafael Soldi

With the unique perspective of someone who has grown up outside the United States, photographer Rafael Soldi has a particular appreciation of pride events and reminds us not to take them for granted.

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Thanks to Rafael for sitting down with us and our friends at Kontent Partners for this series, Voices of Pride.

Voices of Pride | Eric Bennett

Seattle Pride’s president Eric Bennett thinks our city’s pride event is so very special, and we think he’s right!

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The Voices of Pride video series wouldn’t be possible without the time, talent and generosity of our friends over at Kontent Partners. Thank you!