Good Food Tastes Better When it’s Served with Pride


In Seattle, we have much to be proud of … a growing city with a booming economy; clean air, nearby mountains, and an abundance of fresh and salt water surrounding us. Most of all, we live in a city that’s punctuated with distinct neighborhoods, and often, we have the good fortune of having neighbors whose hearts are as open as their minds.

As we share our pride during Seattle Pride month, it’s a time to reflect on the progress we have made through the years in breaking free from the shame that once kept our brothers and sisters in closets of fear.

One way we spread the joy that is an inherent part of our lives and share our pride with our neighbors who have made it possible to live our lives in the open and love who we love is to pull out all the stops during the month of June!

During Pride month, Dine With Pride gives the LGBTQ+ community a chance to celebrate with our neighbors, friends, and family and helps us strengthen widespread public awareness for our cause.

As blessed as we are to have the support of our city, our newly won rights can’t be taken for granted and there are members of our community that still struggle with acceptance.

That’s why we invite you to join us for Dine With Pride. Through your participation, we’ll have the opportunity to reinforce the messages of equality and love and share our gratitude with those who have helped us to get where we are today.

Together we stand #indivisible.

From corner café’s to scenic dining rooms, join us in celebrating Pride. Please visit for more information.