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EVENT PASSED: GenderQueer: A Non-Binary Drag Show!

Seattle Pride

Organization: Timbre Room
Date: Saturday, August 27th
Time: 6PM - 10PM
Location: 1809 Minor Avenue, #10, Seattle, WA 98101
Cost: $9.07
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GenderQueer is a night for non-binary drag artists to play with gender or reject it completely! Showcasing the many different types of non-binary drag, GenderQueer is an exploration of the gender universe.

Hosted by the sexy and campy Mx. O Gender!

This month featuring:
Hot Pink Shade
Kida Rarity
Lola Meraz

The following actions or displays of behavior will not be tolerated: bigotry, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, misogyny, and ableism.

Consent is required when interacting with others. A person’s choice of self-expression is not an invitation for non-consensual touching. Any form of harassment including leering, rude comments or touching will be dealt with, and anyone caught harassing other patrons will be given a lifetime ban from our club. Our staff is here to support you.

For the sake of the vibe during dance parties, we ask that you avoid using your phones or taking photos anywhere on the dance floor. Feel free to use your phones on the patio.

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Timbre Room is ADA accessible with a ramp to the front door/bar area, and access to the back door/dance area through the patio area, and 2 accessible gender-neutral restrooms available. For any questions about safety & accessibility, please email