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Official Seattle Pride Parade Drag Brunch & Viewing Party

Seattle Pride

New this year, Seattle Pride proudly presents the Official Seattle Pride Parade Drag Brunch & Viewing Party on the rooftop patio of Hilton Motif Seattle’s Frolik Kitchen above the Parade starting line. From 10am–2pm, indulge in the elevated parade-watching experience with performances by Amora Namor, Brandi Marx, Bruno Baewatch, Dion Dior Black, Kara Sutra, Kylie Mooncakes, and Viper Fengz.

Enjoy drinks and a delicious brunch buffet with drag entertainment and DJ Wes Wunder spinning 5 decades of Pride anthems. Join us as we celebrate 50 years with an incredible cast of Seattle Drag Royalty, lovingly curated by Wunderland Events + JaqsNetwork.

Tickets start at $80.

Date: Sun, June 30, 2024 10am - 2pm
Hosted by: Seattle Pride
Location: Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails (Hilton Motif Seattle)
Tickets: start at $80

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50 Years of Pride: 1974 - 2024

2024 marks the 50-year anniversary since 200+ LGBTQIA+ people gathered publicly in Seattle as an act of collective resistance. Their purpose was clear: to expel shame and to stand in defiance of those who wished to keep us hidden and disempowered. They were no longer willing to wait, no longer willing to hide, no longer willing to be denied the right to exist.

This anniversary is a powerful opportunity to reflect on the unwavering resilience of our community, both living and ancestral. Our theme for 2024 is an embodiment of our 1974's community echoing cry: NOW!

This word transcends time, encompassing our past, grounding us in the present, and propelling us into the future.

Now is the moment.
Now is our legacy.
Now is forever.

We are excited to have you join us in a year dedicated to exploring, celebrating, and remembering our cultural history and stewarding the legacy of the trailblazers who demanded our rights, then and now.