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Seattle Pride @ Pioneer Square Art Walk

Seattle Pride

Join Seattle Pride during the Pioneer Square Art Walk at RailSpur! The Pride in Seattle: 50th Anniversary Art Exhibit was curated by pride youth interns in collaboration with Seattle Pride and Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center. Artwork created in a youth public art activation hosted by Coyote Central and Seattle Pride will also be featured! Let's come together in the same place the first Pride organizers did in 1974 to celebrate the future of our community: our young people!

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Date: June 6th, 2024
Time: 5pm - 10pm
Location: RailSpur Building (100 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104)
Vibes by: Deejay Hershe
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About the Exhibit

Pride in Seattle: 50th Anniversary Art Exhibit aims to highlight queer experiences through multiple lenses. This collection of art gives the LGBTQIA2S+ community a platform of self expression where their talents and creativity is recognized and celebrated. By sharing these works, our communal voices are being heard. Visual art allows viewers to emotionally engage with these narratives and gain deeper insight into the varying intersections of queer life.

"As the youth interns organizing this exhibit, we focused on including underrepresented narratives, stories local to the Seattle area, and unique perspectives. It was such a joy to compile and curate so many amazing art pieces. We hope you feel represented and welcomed while exploring Pride in Seattle: 50th Anniversary Art Exhibit. Enjoy!"

About the Public Art Activation

Coyote Central and Seattle Pride joined forced to create a youth public art activation! Together, we crafted a space where LGBTQIA2S+ youth can explore and create art, delving into the rich legacies of Black transwomen, Black gender diverse individuals, and Queer Indigenous or Two-Spirit people. Our focus extends to pivotal cultural elements of LGBTQIA2S+ history, including the Ballroom scene, Pioneer Square history, and responses to the AIDS epidemic.