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Y-WE Tech 💻

is a community and skill building program for youth ages 13-19 who identify as girl/woman, nonbinary, trans, or gender expansive interested in tech! It will take place at our home office in Hillman city (5623 Rainier Ave S Seattle) every other Tuesday 4:30-7:30 Oct 17 - May 28th. It is free to attend and we provide dinner at each program! Y-WE tech will be facilitated by Shanell Powell who is currently working at Microsoft and has her own non-profit foundation.

She'll be leading the group to learn things like:
- green screen and video production
- looking at tech careers and organizations in the great Seattle area
- learning about the history of women/femmes in tech and dreaming of what the future could look like
- machine learning and AI
- project management
- computer science and engineering
- physical technology
- working on a project based team to participate in a Hackathon in May!

You can read more and sign up here!