Seattle Pride Supports King County Charter Amendment 1

Oct 03, 2022 | Seattle Pride

Seattle Pride believes in increasing voter turnout, diversifying voter turnout, and amplifying public discourse around issues in King County, because we know that marginalization happens right in front of our noses. That's why we support King County Charter Amendment 1, and encourage LGBTQIA+ voters to do the same by voting to 'Approve' on your ballot this November!

The following is taken from the King County Elections website:
Vote yes to increase turnout: By shifting to even-year elections for Executive, Assessor, Elections Director, and County Council with King County Charter Amendment 1, we’ll elect these important county officials in years when most voters consistently turn out, which will result in a much larger number of voters (up to twice as many!) participating in the selection of our future leaders.

Vote yes to diversify turnout: Data shows that odd-year electorates are significantly less diverse than even-year electorates. If we adopt this amendment, future elections for county offices will include more young voters, working class voters, voters of color, and renters.

Vote yes to amplify public discourse about King County’s issues and future: The media’s political coverage and community civic awareness are much stronger in even years. This amendment will empower future county candidates to run at times when more people are paying attention, which will be good for their campaigns and good for democracy.

Vote yes to align our county elections: We already regularly elect our Prosecuting Attorney in midterm years and our Superior Court judges in presidential years. With Charter Amendment 1, we’ll be electing all county officials at the same time and on the same ballots, just like 36 out of 39 counties in Washington State already do.

This amendment will simplify our elections and advance voting justice, deepening the connection between we the people of King County and our government.
Read the ballot title, explanatory statement, and full text of the amendment.

To read more, head to the 'Yes on King County Charter Amendment 1' page by clicking HERE.

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