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Vote with Pride is BACK!

Nov 07, 2022 | Seattle Pride

Our Vote with Pride campaign is back for its third year in an effort to grow LGBTQIA+ voter participation in the upcoming general election and beyond. This year’s campaign has put a much-needed spotlight on the important role of the queer community’s voice – in advocacy and at the ballot box – with the theme Ballots & Bricks: Voting for our Future, Honoring our History.

Why Voting Matters

Voting matters because it’s a way for the LGBTQIA+ community to have a voice in a world that is often putting our human rights and well-being at risk through harmful legislation. Although the number of LGBTQIA+ officials grew by nearly 6% last year, we still only hold just 0.2% of all elected positions across the United States – when we make up an estimated 7.1% of the population. This means that we must make our voices heard at the ballot boxes and in advocacy year-round.

How To Get Involved

The Vote with Pride campaign features events and weekly quizzes with prizes and giveaways (learn more HERE) but there is so much more that you can do today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Register to Vote: Online and by mail, or in-person at your County Elections office

Update Your Voter Registration Details: Have you moved or changed your name? You can update your voter registration information online – and remember to encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Sign up for Advocacy Alerts: Stay in-the-know about issues putting our rights at risk with clear and easy action steps by signing up for our Advocacy Alerts on our website to stay engaged year-round.

Contact Your Representatives: Do you have concerns or grievances about legislation or issues that could be impacted by your representatives? Contact them by calling their offices or writing to them. Find your representatives on our Get Involved page. Encourage your friends and family to do the same – there is power in numbers.

Consider Running for Office: LGBTQIA+ people are vastly underrepresented in office, and we encourage you to consider running for a position that suits your skills. From the local School Board or City Council to the House of Representatives or President of the United States, we want to see more of our community represented. Learn more organizations that can help you learn more about what it takes including:

Take Action TODAY!

Push on the Equality Act: Contact your representatives through THIS FORM to encourage them to push for the Equality Act to come to a vote in the Senate and vote ‘yes.’ Learn more HERE.